Board of Management

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Graduated from the University of New South Wales with a major in Business Administration, Australia and graduated from the Management Education class for Senior Managers organized by the Hanoi Department of Education and Training, Mr. Hoang Tung has a lot of experience in management and managing personnel at international education and telecommunications organizations. He is one of the founders of Brendon Bilingual Elementary School, and Westren Hanoi School and currently serves as the President of WHS.

Mr. Hoang Tung combines knowledge about education by studying and observing world educational models with practical experience in managing and developing educational institutions in Vietnam. Over the years, he has been studying and trying to gradually apply advanced educational components, improve learning conditions and methods for schools as an administrator. He is also highly passionate about character education and knowledge building for children in a comprehensive and systematic way. His great ambition is to create the best educational environment for children by providing them with the best achievements of society, the best value of the family along with a suitable school model. In which, the scope will be to develop program schools, to verify quality,  improve assessment to achieve Vietnamese standards, and to approach the world.

After the first four years of managing directly WHS, since the school year 2021 – 2022, he has played a role in the Chairman to continue contributing to WHS’s development at a macro vision.



Dr Nguyen Viet Hung graduated from Hanoi National University of Education, majoring in linguistics (2001), graduated with a master’s degree in Folklore, Hanoi National University of Education (2003), received a PhD in Literature (2011), and qualified for Associate Professor of Literature in 2015 – was the youngest Associate Professor of Literature at the time of being conferred. He is also the author and editor of University Textbooks, undergraduate and graduate treatises, reference books for elementary and middle schools. Before becoming the co-founder and CEO of Western Hanoi School, Dr Hung had extensive experience working with private schools in similar positions such as Academic Council of Flying Fingers Kindergarten; Academic Council member of Alpha Middle School; Professional Advisor and Principal Assistant of Doan Thi Diem Ecopark High School;…

From the education and training environment, with the strength of teacher training, curriculum development, as a member of the National New Textbook Drafting Board, Dr Nguyen Viet Hung wishes to contribute to the development and improvement of general education by: building, compiling and developing school programs to develop learners’ capacity; training and retraining teachers capacity, building a professional team and educational environment in terms of manners, solidity in expertise, respect and cooperation in relationships. Dr Nguyen Viet Hung has experience in fostering good students, inspiring learning, creating reading habits and passion for scientific research in students. His educational philosophy is “The teaching process is not to fill empty barrels but to ignite fires”; Students can grasp the knowledge right after being taught, memorise and apply it wherever they go.

After the first four years of being WHS Middle Principal, since the school year 2021 – 2022, Dr Nguyen Viet Hung has been assigned as a CEO of WHS. He wishes to continue to inherit, promote and turn WHS into an outstanding educational quality school, as well as develop its own strengths in terms of willpower, humanity and skills for students.


On May 27, 2021, Mr Nguyen Van Chap was appointed the Principal of the West Hanoi Elementary and Middle School.

Mr. Nguyen Van Chap has expertise in teaching Mathematics at middle and high school, and is honored to be awarded the title of “Meritorious Teacher” by the State while working as a teacher in Hoa Binh Province. He has worked as a general education manager for many years through many positions such as Principal of Ethnic Minority Boarding School in Hoa Binh province, Chief Inspector of Department of Education and Training in Hoa Binh province. With professional management experience, team management, modern working style, passion of updating new trends and constantly learning from the young generation, Mr Chap will definitely make a mark in WHS, a school of “Willpower – Humanity – Skills” as its orientation from the first day of its establishment, and ensure the Cambridge English for students.