Educational Goals


There are some goals that Western Hanoi School is expected to achieve:

Firstly, Western Hanoi School is determined to build and develop into a high-quality high school in the next few years, towards international education and global integration. Therefore, we hold responsibility for training elementary and junior high school levels to become a new generation of fully broadened knowledge, proficient skills and well-qualified traits.

Secondly, Western Hanoi School is continuously recruiting a professional workforce, building a team of teachers with professional expertise, ethical qualities and a sense of responsibility so that students are ensured to approach modern and diversified learning methods. 

Thirdly, Western Hanoi School emphasizes the paramount importance of  research and development programs, especially aesthetic and moral education so that students are equipped with competence and qualities to prepare for a smooth transition to adulthood.

Next, our school has a plan of  a long-term investment in facilities during the next ten years, which ensures the best conditions for teaching and learning.

Last but not least, Western Hanoi School places emphasis on international cooperation, which gives WHSers opportunities to exchange and study abroad.


Western Hanoi School has two missions: (1) to comprehensively train elementary and middle school students to become the best version of themselves; (2) to build a responsible and devoted pedagogical team with professional qualifications and dignity.


– Western Hanoi School is constantly improving and advancing its facilities to meet the needs of comprehensive and vocational education in the first five years 2017-2022. 

– Western Hanoi School is expanding the scale of high quality and bilingual training which is geared toward comprehensive competence to meet national and  international standards. 

– Western Hanoi School is establishing gift clubs in art and sport to develop students’ individual abilities, forming groups of highly qualified teachers, implementing and retraining programs for teachers and others. 


Western Hanoi School set some following targets:

– Putting learners at the center of educational activities to promote their confidence, to inspire their learning interests and to form necessary skills needed for future life.

– Ensuring the output of all the levels in terms of knowledge, skills, emotions and attitudes so that students are able to apply all of the knowledge learnt in today’s society of  international integration. 

– Forming and perfecting moral qualities and civilized lifestyles of learners; towards honesty, courage, love and community responsibility.

We wish to build a green school – a school of peace in Hanoi city, because we will only preserve what we love, cherish what we understand, and understand what is taught.