District Level Excellent Students in the 2020 – 2021 school year

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In the morning, 25/03/2021, on the 4-year-old birthday party of WHS, we were very proud to award the “District Excellent Student Award” for WHSers, this was a meaningful gift for Western Hanoi School.

Congratulations to WHSers for your outstanding achivements. Wish you all keep the spirit of confidence to achieve high results in the upcoming City Level Excellent Student Contest.

Tran Minh Phuong – Class 9C1 – Second Prize in Literature

Nguyen Ngoc Thu Anh – Class 9S1 – Third Prize in Literature

Nguyen Thanh Nhat Minh – Class 9S1 – Consolation Prize in English

Nguyen Tuyet Nhi – Class 9C1 – Consolation Prize in English