Open Letter

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Dear parents and all the beloved students,

The Academic Council of Western Hanoi School would like to send parents and students all the best wishes of great health, blissful happiness and thriving  success.

After making a relentlessly effort to invest in team building, training programs as well as facility and infrastructure to serve teaching-learning conditions and purposes, The Western Hanoi School is delighted to welcome the new school year 2017-2018 with the enrollment scale for grade 1,2,3,4,6,7, belonging to two learning systems: Bilingual and High Quality. Through thorough and insightful understanding of both international and domestic educational achievement, the pedagogue team of Western Hanoi School has perfected the school curriculum, along with a variety of other educational programs and engaging activities so that students will have access to holistic learning methods and a balanced comprehensive environment. Here students are equipped with not only academic knowledge but also courses of soft skills training so that students will become a future decent citizen with dignity for the community in particular and the society in general. All the knowledge acquired during the process of learning is ensured to be useful to apply in reality and prepare students for an unpredictable complicated future workforce and lifetime. 

In the first school year, the Academic Council as well as the Board of Directors wish to create a friendly civilized environment and a professional pedagogical team. In order to complete these missions, it is undoubtedly that each member is equally considered as an indispensable piece to form the whole complete picture. Therefore, along with the devotion and determination of all the school members, Western Hanoi School would like to receive all the students’ and parents’ consent, understanding and support in all aspects of activities, programs and other  development policies so that we can create the best learning environment for students. Hopefully,  Western Hanoi School will be a learning place that aligns with the orientations and goals of parents and students’ needs. Together, the school will bring unforgettable moments for each student learning at Western Hanoi School in terms of highly valued knowledge and hands-on experiences, which lives up to all parents’ expectations. 

We are deeply grateful that parents have their faith and entrust their children to school during the past and incoming years. 

Best regards,